MIDI keyboard noodling mode

• Dec 19, 2022 - 05:36

When not in note input mode, it should be possible to play an attached MIDI keyboard without audio processing restrictions. Currently, it seems that MIDI inputs outside note input mode are still processed as if they were score inputs, so there is lag and difficulty playing multiple simultaneous notes while exploring chords. I recognize this is probably the only way to get notes to sound in the intended "voice," but it would be useful for there to be a dumb MIDI piano (or other simple MIDI) voice that doesn't require sophisticated processing just so we can noodle around, especially while the rest of the score is playing back, to aid in composition.

Current workaround: 1. MuseScore->Preferences->Note Input: disable Play Notes When Editing
2. Have a separate DAW program open (e.g. GarageBand) that will sound out the MIDI keyboard notes in real time


I have a similar problem. I hoped version 4 would overcome it but alas not. On version three noodling was fickle and I could not determine consistently what actions or sequence enabled it to default to playing the midi sound of the top instruement in a score. It worked sometimes. I've watched the midi you tube for v4 and set toggle and preferenced correctly but noodling only sounds if a measure or note is selected,

There is a comment here that Musescore isn't intended to be a synth engine but that contradicts advise in other threads.

I attach the file that I happen to be working on right now if that helps.

Any clarification much appreciated. My keboard is a SubZweo EY49

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