Musescore 4 freezes on startup - using external monitor & chord symbol entry strangeness

• Dec 19, 2022 - 04:30

After having not used musescore for a year or so, I downloaded/upgraded to 4 yesterday and was super excited about it. But today as soon as I open it, it hangs. I can't click on anything - like there's some other window in front of it that I can't see. I can't even close it without using task manager.
I tried restarting but it didn't help at all.
Also tried switching the sound device from external back to laptop, but that didn't help either.

Windows 10 64-bit

I unplugged my external monitor and then it was fine.
Then I plugged in the monitor and moved the window over and everything was fine until I started inputting chords and realized this is how I somehow got to the home screen that I couldn't click on. I remember that tab used to skip to the next bar, but now it does something else, like tab through UI items. I made some screen capture videos since a screenshot wouldn't show much, but realized this form only accepts images. :( I can send them or upload them if needed.

Perhaps these are known issues already - if so just ignore.
Thanks. Great work overall. Love the new look and functionality.


If it happens again, try pressing Esc to cancel out of the invisible dialog windows. I've not seen an issue in Github for this, so feel free to create one.

Tab is indeed now reserved as an Accessibility navigation shortcut to move around the UI; to be more in accordance with the expectations for blind users.
To move to the next bar during chord entry, make use of Ctrl/Cmd+right arrow, which brings that shortcut more in line with how it works for other elements/score navigation as well.

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