Having multiple scores open in one window instead of multiple

• Dec 18, 2022 - 23:02

When I was in Musescore 3, I could have upwards of 10 scores up on the same window. Does Musescore 4 allow this? It seems like it does, but so far, every time I open a new score while having one already up, it opens a new window for that score. Is this a preference thing?


You can't have them in the same window with the current version of Musescore 4. Don't know technical reason but it has to do with playback environment being set up for each score. On the plus(?) side you can have all scores playing simultaneously and control their playback speeds independently.

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Very disappointing. I find it quite useful to have a notes/sketch score (usually piano reduction) to hand when writing for large ensemble or orchestra. Being able to just click between them in the same window was much more convenient than what there is in MS4. Other than the inevitable-with-any-major-release bugs that have crept in, this missing feature is the only real issue I have with v4 so far.

Other than playback issues and being underwhelmed with the sonic quality of the Muse Sounds, not being able to open multiple scores in the same window is really disappointing. It's both a workflow issue, as well as a rehearsal tool. Musescore 4 really needs to get this capability. At this point, I'm inclined to go back to Musescore 3...

Absolutely correct. In addition the Compare Scores is no longer available in the View Menu because the scores are opened in separate windows. Cannot understand the reasoning behind this since multiple scores is so important in the workflow when developing scores.

I wonder why the developers don't have some review from different users to see if they are answering the needs of various users. There are many intended audiences with the different needs.

Or consider this:

MS3. 10 scores in 10 tabs. Mouse up the tab bar and the tab you want to open. Select that tab. Basically one movement and one click.

MS4. 10 scores open in different iterations. Mouse down to the MS4 icon on the taskbar and the score you want to open. Select the score. Basically a mouse movement and one click.

Different? Sure. Possibly a second or two longer? Yes. But certainly doable. We all use MuseScore differently. For example, I'm more concerned about playback than tabs.
I understand the frustration over the lack of a score comparison tool. Though I've never used it.

Ease of use . . . well there are keyboard people and there are mouse people. Standard keyboard shortcuts enable you to shift between tabs in the same app (Cmd+~ or Ctrl+Tab in a browser, for example - can't recall whether this also worked in MS3). Mousers could (previously) one-click on the relevant tab in the MS window.

In MS4 (at least on Mac) you can't just do either of these quickly. You can change windows (Cmd/Alt+Tab - perhaps several several times) or by mouse-clicking a window's icon in the Dock/Taskbar. However you have no idea which open MS score that will get you to because MS windows are not (sub-)titled with the score/file name. This means you have to go to and then look into the other score only to discover that it's not the one you wanted, necessitating your going round again.

I often have three or four scores open at once as well as numerous windows for other apps, so this is something of a pain. Have I missed some setting to turn on window/icon naming so I can be sure of going straght there? If not, can window/icon naming be implemented please.

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