Create multiple whole-measure rests at once

• Dec 18, 2022 - 22:01

I do a lot of vocal music, and to indicate that one part is silent for a period, I often have to input whole-measure rests in voice 2. In Sibelius, I could just keep hitting the key to enter whole-measure rests, and this would be easy, but in MuseScore, apparently I have to enter a different rest, then select it and hit Ctrl-Shift-Delete, which turns it into a measure rest. This is going to get tedious fast! If I select the rests in more than one bar, the keyboard shortcut does nothing, so I can't even put in a set of rests then turn them all into whole-measure rests at the same time. Instead it looks as though I will need to select each independently and then convert them one by one.

A keyboard shortcut to continue entering whole-measure rests would be most welcome, plus the ability to convert more than one if I select them.


Both in MS3 and in MS4, you can select the entire Voice 1 passage, then:
1. Tools > Exchange voices 1-2
2. Tools > Exchange voices 1-2

Result: whole-measure rests in Voice 2.

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