Windows 10 1809 failed to execute Muse Hub.

• Dec 18, 2022 - 20:12

I presently have Windows 10 Enterprise Server LTSC 1809 as my OS managing my server including my libraries (VST, etc.) as well as my project files. Scores are currently processed by MuseScore 3 which by all accounts works well with my existing workflows. 2 days ago I installed MuseScore 4 and also paid my yearly premium for MuseScore Professional. In order to get the new library of sounds, I executed the executable "Muse_Hub_Beta.exe" with Administrator rights and received the following error message:

"You need at least Windows 10 20H1 - May 2020 (10.0.19041) to install Muse Hub."

Your help would be much appreciated.


Please report to the Muse Hub team over at not sure if their version check is aware of the Enterprise versions and whether or not the Hub builds on stuff that may or may not be included in it.

As a side note: your payment subscription (while welcomed) to the online score sharing platform has no influence on the functionality or supported offered on the 100% free notation software or the optional Hub and Sounds products.

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