MuseScore 4 for “older” O.S.

• Dec 18, 2022 - 16:20

MuseScore it’s a great tool, its been used for a years in the emergent countries for students and teachers who finds this tool very helpfull to learn and practice music. They don`t have the most modern computers or systems that can run MuseScore 4.
I know the older MuseScore versions are still available but gradually they will be displaced.

So, bring the new versions compatible to “old” S.O. And preserve the MuseScore spirit for all Community.


Sometimes backward compatibility must be dropped to allow moving forward. Due to the massive changes of the new playback engine and the corresponding UI improvements it would not be practical to keep supporting operating systems that (a) are no longer supported by their vendors and (b) are no longer supported by the code libraries we build on top of.

Alas it is technically not feasible to bring the current changes into those old systems.

Of course we continue to make the handbook and installers for all previous versions available. But yes, in time users of those older versions will become a very small group, such is a fact of (software) evolution.

I asked something similar yesterday hehehe. I'm using two versions now because I have an old mac mini that is not compatible. Although I understand the reasons (available in the developer pages regarding the currently used framework as someone else pointed out in a previous reply), I still have to decide on wether I'll work only in new version or if I'll keep 3.6 to still be able to kepp on working in my old mac mini and my "more recent" (still from past decade) windows workstation...

It's tough to be in this EOL area of some software, but anyways, version 3.6 still works great and I think I'm pretty used to it so I can still work with that version until I upgrade all my gear or decide on work exclusively on windows...

Don't know if you are too knowledgeable about software development, but it really is hard for some organizations to support older platforms because of all technology involved in such work and also the cost (not only $ but time and effort-wise) of maintaining code that will not benefit the larger user base.

Tantacrul has a youtube video talking about the main software used by sheetmusic printing companies and how that software is in a strange place now that there is no support nor there is people that know it too much or even have the adequate computer to run it.

What OS are you running?

There comes a point where software gets updated and it won't run on certain hardware or under certain operating systems and no developer will support the older systems. Often it is the operating system that causes problems before the hardware does. I have no old Windows machines that will run MS4. The Appimage, however, runs very well on my 12-year old PC under ubuntu 21.04. Consider running ubuntu on your older hardware .

Personally, I have only one program that needs Windows and it is a library program and I run it in a Virtual Machine - slow, but it is only downloading books,

If you absolutely need Windows for a particular program, you can still install ubuntu and keep Windows because ubuntu can be set up to allow you to boot into either OS.

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