tuning in musescore 4

• Dec 18, 2022 - 15:00


I just wanted to ask does anyone know how can I change the tuning of the piano (or any other instruments used) of my score like in ms3? If this feature hasn't been added yet, then when can we expect for this to be implemented? Please let me know, thanks.


I was just fiddling around with this as well. The tuning is now under the "Properties" tab, where u can click on the playback button. Unfortunately i discovered that the feature isnt compatible with the new sound library, so youll have to use MS Basic

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Im not entirely sure, bc i havent rly used the feature all that much, but you could calculate what that transposition is equal to in cents and then just highlight your whole score and put the tuning to that cent value. But it wouldnt apply to changes, so you would have to do it once the whole thing is done i guess. The calculation is log("frequencyratio")/log(2)*1200

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