Why is my grace note not playing?

• Dec 18, 2022 - 07:54

Specifically the acciaccatura doesn't make a sound in playback mode. Other grace notes seem to work just fine.
I added a grace note as in the picture below.
Any help?


I have a piece with a sequence of 24 semiquaver grace notes (as notated in a published work used as an examination piece) where not one note gets played back. I slowed it down to 10bpm and nothing.

MS 4.1 on Windows 11.

Attaching scores would help other research what's being found by you two. Also, have you tried to examine the property of the individual grace notes (which aren't heard) to see if they are marked 'Play'?

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I'm trying to find a consistent repro.

In the original score, the affected measure is #33. I copied measures 33-34 into a new score, and found that the grace-notes played, although there was a very weird long delay as if the 24 grace notes were scanned at the marked 10bpm and then suddenly played very fast at the end. It was if the tempo indicator made no difference at all in playback. Note I had to set the slowed tempo on the previous whole note before the grace-notes as you can't anchor any line to a grace-note (incl octava line, hairpin, ....).

So I pasted measures 30-34 into the new score, and the grace notes didn't play at all the first time but they did on subsequent plays!

In the original score I still can't get measure 33's grace notes to play, no matter how many times I try. I've rebooted my computer between attempts.

And yes the notes all have "Play" property on.

To engrave this, a leading space of 30 is required for the first grace note, otherwise it ignores its rhythmic position and the grace-notes display on top of the bass-notes that precede them.

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You have the tempo change on the third beat. The grace notes are attached to the fourth beat and therefore you have to wait for that very slow third beat to finish before the grace notes play. If you move the tempo change to the fourth beat I think you will get nearer what you are hoping for.

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I didn't get the grace notes playing at all when the tempo change was attached to the fourth beat - I just get a too-slow fourth beat.

I tried creating a hidden extra voice so that I could put the tempo change at beat 3.875 and then restore it at 4.0 but that didn't work either.

Don't have MS4.
But the same issue applies in MS3 often.
The acciaccatura is played but at the same time as note.
For acciaccatura to be heard, it must be played slightly before the note. Either before the beat or on the beat, but then the note is played after the beat.
When I have this issue, I use the DockArticulate plugin of this suite of the plugins. Unfortunately it won't work in MS4, as MS4 is yet to support Dock-type plugins.
Really handy to set precisely how the acciaccatura and the note must be played.

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