Musescore 4 playback of same note in two voices

• Dec 18, 2022 - 04:56

In piano music it is common to have the same note struck in more than one voice at the same time. This allows the note to be sustained in one of the voices, while the other voice moves at a faster tempo. For example, one voice has a whole note to be sustained, while the other voice has quarter notes, and both voices start on the same pitch.

In the new Musescore 4, in playback this results in a doubling of the volume of the sounded note, which is not normal or desirable when playing passages with this type of notation.

This does not happen, and it is not a problem, in Musescore 3.

Is this considered a bug, or a feature, of Musescore 4? In my view it is a bug, and a serious one, because it results in incorrect, bad-sounding playback of a type of passage that is very common in keyboard music, and it seems quite difficult to fix the playback without messing up the score.

Is there any efficient and reasonable way to address this problem and create a playback or audio file without the undesirable bursts of loudness that are currently occuring on such - VERY COMMON - duplicated notes?

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