Meta: should I be posting bugs I found in MuseScore 4 here or in the bug tracker at ?

• Dec 18, 2022 - 03:52


Honestly, to me, it's a shot-in-the-dark, which place to post things... Common are posts to the .ORG Forum, which say, "please go to the .COM support channel". Then the post made to the .COM support channel might say, "post this to the .ORG Forum". Roll the dice, see what you get...

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Re .org v .com see if this helps

Re where to post MU 4 bugs: It's probably best to start in the forum and look to see if anything similar is already there. If not, post a description of the problem there and someone will probably advise if it is just a change of design resulting in you not finding something where or how you expect it or if it is a likely genuine bug that warrants an entry in the issue tracker or on Git Hub or both. But there's plenty of others who rush to the issue tracker and while a slight irritation no one got hung for it, it's just more efficient if you confirm a bug is a bug before reporting it as such.

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