Another Musescore 4 crash and corrupted file.

• Dec 17, 2022 - 21:49

I was cleaning up a score created in M3. I was taking out bends that no longer function.
It's a small rock band score. I selected all and clicked Tools / Regroup Rhythms and the program crashed and the score is corrupted and cant be opened now.
That's the 4th crash and the 2nd corrupted score. since yesterday. I have found over a dozen bugs and annoyances in a day.

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Crash 4.png 166.44 KB
Corrupt 2.png 46.72 KB


Hey, the same thing happened to me. After going through a lot of online threads and troubleshooting posts, I turned off Autosave and manually corrected all the errors. Takes a while, but I was then able to screenshot and export into PDF and MusicXML so fingers crossed it won’t crash again, good luck :)

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