MS4 and .mscx

• Dec 17, 2022 - 18:49

I am happily exploring MS4 now (great job Martin & everyone!), and am not sure about current or planned support for saving a score as an .mscx (uncompressed MuseScore) file.

I've checked the MS4 manual and the forum post titled "MuseScore 3 features not implemented in MuseScore 4" ( and didn't see a mention of this.

In the app, I see the "Save as" dialog has a choice for "Uncompressed MuseScore folder (experimental)", so I assume this has something to do with trying to implement an uncompressed file feature, but I'm not clear if it can be successfully used. My testing so far has given me "corrupted file" errors when I try to open a file that's been "rezipped" into an mscz file after being unzipped, even when no edits to the internal .mscx file were made.

Anyone had success doing minor manual edits to an .mscx file after unzipping the original .mscz file?


I too have a large catalog of prior scores that are saved in MuseScore 3's uncompressed format so that i can use git to version control them. I really don't care about the thumbnails in my version control and am wondering what the minimum set of files is that I need to add to git to be able to successfully reconstitute the score? Is just the mscx file sufficient?

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No, in Mu4 it is no longer
In addition to the mscx, the mscz also contains audiosettings.json, viewsettings.json and score_style.mss, and also a folder with an mscx and an mss as well as virewsettings.json for every excerpt.

In addition to the thumbnail, all (optional) images and container.xml, but those were in Mu3 already

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