Upgrading to MuseScore4 - Text Issues

• Dec 17, 2022 - 16:24

I have just upgraded to MuseScore 4 and applied the suggested upgrade options and I find that the "new" Lyric font size is bigger than before and the lyric words now run together. I can't find a font size property that might be controlling this. Is there a property I am missing?

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I too have accessed a Musescore 3 song into Musescore 4 and the lyrics run together and I can't reenter to space them out. Please advise.

In the menu bar, if you go to Format > Style, you can scroll down to "Text Styles" and fix it under the "Lyrics" tab by changing some settings. Or alternatively, you can click the "Reset all styles to default" button at the bottom of the window and see if that fixes the issue. I hope this helped :)

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