Changing playback sounds of a single part by stave

• Dec 17, 2022 - 15:06

Is there a way to change the playback/instrument sound of a single part per stave?

For example, frequently in musical theatre scores - normally Keyboard 2 parts - there are times where each stave is assigned a different sound (i.e. top stave piano, bottom stave strings). These sounds can change multiple times throughout a piece.

The way I've been doing it so far is to create independent treble and bass staves and "soft linking" them with brackets so it looks like one part. The trouble this causes is that the dynamics and some articulations are not linked. If I want to change the dynamic for the whole part, I need to change it at each stave, and then I get duplicate dynamics symbols for one part (I know I can edit/hide the duplicated symbol but it's not particularly efficient or ideal, especially if you're dealing with frequent dynamic changes.) The same for hairpins and such.

I'm most likely missing something, but if I am, the functionality is not obvious.


You should be able to select all staves you want to apply dynamics to by selecting a note in 1 staff & shift- or ctrl-clicking notes in the another stave(s) to apply dynamics. Unfortunately, it seems like only adjacent staves can be applied hairpins. I suppose if you wanted to crescendo staff A & C but not B, you could apply the hairpin to all 3 & then delete B's. But depending on how many parts there are, that may not be useful.

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