Suddenly I have MS 4 on my PC and can't open MS 3.62

• Dec 17, 2022 - 11:10

Dear MS support team!
First of all: congratulations on your MS 4 release!! What I have seen and heard so far (on YT) is simply amazing! Thank you for your hard work!

My problem:
This morning I used MS 3.62 (Linux), closed it and after a PC-restart I suddenly had MS 4 on my PC. I did not download MS 4 and I have no idea why it is suddenly there.
Now I have a MS 3 and a MS 4 folder (in the documents folder) but in the menu only MS 4 is listed. I simply can't find a way to open MS 3.62.
How can I open MS 3.62?
Thank you in advance!


Which Linux? Any error messages? Can you open a terminal window, and enter the following commands:
cd /usr/bin
ls -la | grep -i "muse"
The program executables should reside there.
Can you get into, say, the Synaptic package manager, and search for 'muse' - to see what was previously (or currently) installed through that mechanism. In my case, I use MS3 constantly, but it does not show up in Synaptic as installed, because I downloaded and use the AppImage binary. The one MuseScore item that DOES show up in my Synaptic, is a result of downloading a soundfont, which I configured through Synaptic as an additional software source (PPA).

It is super-strange MS4 just appeared... and in your desktop menu, no less.

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Hi Are Jayem, thank you very much for your reply!!

It's Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE, no error messages.
I tried your command (copy+paste) but did not receive a result.
I also attached 2 screenshots with the results of the "muse"-search.

Yeah, absolutely strange. I 100 % did not download anything and suddenly I have MS 4 on my PC...

Do you know where I should find the executable file for MS 3.62? I did not use the app image but a full installation. I think in usr/local/bin?

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In lieu of using terminal / command-line, you might open any file manager, and select the root-level ("File System"). Then search for musescore AND MuseScore. I didn't find anything in /usr/local/bin for my Ubuntu 20.04 system. I see my MS3 and MS4 executables in /usr/bin... thus my suggestion you look there. If you care to side-step Synaptic and need immediate use of MS3, there's always the option to download the AppImage and copy it into /usr/bin (to start, and you'll need 'root' privilege). looks like where you can directly get either version AppImage.

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Again thanx!!

I made a search for both "musesore" and "MuseScore" but couldn't find anything that would look like a executable.
I found the /usr/local/bin information in a forum but I also have no relevant files there.
In the past I have tried several times the AppImage but had always trouble with it (it would be extremely slow or freeze).
The full installation worked perfectly for 1,5 years untill this morning...

One last thing (I don't want to waste too much of your time):
Could you please upload of a screenshot of your executable files of MS 3 & 4? That would be awesome!


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Thank you Are jayem!!

I repeated your commands from the screenshot, but nothing was found. I have not the slightest idea what happened this morning.
However, I just installed the MS-3.62-AppImage for now and will patiently accept the poor performance as I am building a completely new PC with much more power (finally 8 cores) and the newest OS etc.
Just for the case that you are interested in the strange MS-4-appearance I took a screenshot of the desktop starter with the starting command.
If Christmas is relevant for you I wish you a Merry Christmas and for sure a great new Year (we all can need that I guess?...)!

Take care and good bye!!


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Yes, Christmas is OK with me, appreciated. AHHHHH, 'flatpack'........ Hmm... I know nothing about 'flatpack'. I've stayed with the 'traditional' mechanics of installing/removing/updating software on Linux. 'flatpack' and 'snap' are... "new innovations that are all the popular rage". This throws a very different light on our conversation here. Not sure what to advise on that.

Be aware that there are folks here on the Forums that claim not only does MS3 work fine on their, perhaps modest hardware, but MS4 ALSO works fine:

Always happy to talk about almost any Linux.

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