arpeggios screw with the next note

• Dec 17, 2022 - 08:17

put an arpeggio chord in piano, and it seems to not handle the playback of the next note chord correctly.


I am also having this issue. The note that follows an arpeggio "stutters" as if it was played as a staccato. Interestingly, this only happens if the note is in the arpeggio AND is NOT the LOWEST note in the arpeggio.
For example, suppose a C-E-G-B chord is played as an arpeggio. Then, if the following note is either E, G, or B (in the same pitch, or octave), it will be played as a "staccato"; and C would not be, because it was the lowest note in the arpeggio.

I have also realized that this happens in the next note is played immediately after the arpeggio. (If there is a rest in between the Arpeggio and the note, it will NOT be played as a "staccato").

Having this issue as well. Loving Musescore 4 so far but it's newer so I hope in the coming months all of the issues I'm experiencing will be resolved.

@claudiapgreen @sorasakai1122 @aidenmeager
Not one of you has so far posted an example score with this problem.
I have tried to reproduce the effect described, but so far I do not hear a staccato on the note following the chord arpeggio.

Please help us to help you by being really specific:
1. Example score (.mscz file)
2. Steps to reproduce the fault

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