No sound is playing from hidden instruments

• Dec 17, 2022 - 05:33

I just updated the musescore to 4.0. However I found it different from musescore 3, the hidden instruments make no sound anymore, meaning, only the visable instruments play sounds. Even in the mixer or with the help of part score, I cannot forcely make the sound happen again.

So is it possible to allow all the instruments to be heard while only keeping one/some instrument(s) visable, which is conveinient for practicing?? Thank you guys!!


I'm having the same issue. I use hidden instruments in many of my scores for various reasons but still intend for them to work in the playback. It would be nice to get this feature working again.

I believe that (as a workaround) it should work to hide the individual staves of the instrument, but keep the instrument itself "visible".

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There are several ways to hide a staff... each has its purpose.
Look at the first picture posted above and notice that the 'eyeball' icons for Violin, Piccolo, and Violoncello are closed. This hides those staves in the score seen to the right (Flute and Piano are only visible).

If you want a hidden instrument staff to also play back, see cadiz1's post below.

If you want to hide a staff only when an instrument is not playing, but view it where needed, see:…

This is a huge oversight, as it completely removes the use case of practicing an instrument while looking at the score for only that instrument, and having the rest of the instruments played by MuseScore as backing tracks.

The mixer absolutely needs to be decoupled from what score is currently visible. What I want to see is often not the same I want to hear.

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Maybe I have misunderstood something (?), but it is already possible to hide the instruments staves, while still hearing them. See how I did it for the Piccolo and the Flute: you can see that the Mixer is not affected (it is only affected if the instrument itself is hidden), and only the Violin remains visible (and plays)


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