courses not accessible at

• Dec 16, 2022 - 20:42

When I am logged in at and I click at one of the courses, a page with the following message appears:

"The site is down for a moment. We're fixing it, and we'll be back soon."

I have made a screenshot of it.

I have a "ONE" membership, so the courses should be accessible for me..........

Anyone else who has this problem????

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Looks like that website ( is up now, so if you continue to have problems with that website, best to go there and report the issue to their support team. there isn't anything anyone here can do unfortunately,. totally separate site, and the people here are just volunteers anyhow.

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I am sorry, the website is up, but the website doesn't work for two days yet. I have paid more than 60 Dollars for my upgrade from PRO to ONE-membership, so I expect it works or a problem will be solved very quickly. I think it is better I ask for a downgrade to Pro and a refund of the extra money I paid. I'am sorry, but I am disappointed.

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The site is down for a moment.png 87.62 KB

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