Pizz. and arco not working in playback

• Dec 16, 2022 - 19:58

Enjoying the sound in playback and then it hits a part of the music where Violin 1 has the melody in arco while the rest of the strings accompany with pizzicato. The playback just has everybody playing pizz. The song I edited on Musescore 3. Playback was fine under 3. Musescore 4... what's going on?


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@mc39785 - re 1. Overture.mscz
Try muting all the instruments except the strings. Then (at least for me), the final notes of the score are clearly pizzicato.

If you attach your score (.mscz file), then someone will probably be able to offer advice.

I have the same problem. I only have stringed instruments and a piano, and it will not play pizzicato notes. Even when you click on pizz. in the score and go to the Properties tab, the "Play" checkbox is not even a selectable option as it is for glissandos, accents, and even dynamics (although I think hearing pizzicato in the playback is more often more important than the former two). I think it might have something to do with the fact that when you select how you want the instrument to sound in the mixer, the pizzicato version of that instrument is a completely different option. I think it is an all-or-nothing sort of deal, which kind of sticks.

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