(4.0) Cannot remove slurs from selection

• Dec 16, 2022 - 19:51

For most objects, when multiple objects are selected it is possible to add or remove objects from a selection by holding Command (or Control on Windows) and clicking that object. However, when shift-clicking adds a slur to a selection, that slur cannot be removed by Command-clicking. If the slur is added to the selection individually by command-clicking it can be removed, however.

Although strange behaviour, this is not a huge issue when the notes and the slurs are on the same voice, as if you select notes to delete them you would probably want to delete the slurs along with them. This does however become an issue when multiple voices are used - when shift-clicking notes on one voice, the notes on the other voice will also become selected, and while those notes can be deselected by command-clicking, slurs, as previously mentioned, can not, forcing you to delete the slurs or to individually select only the correct notes.


Most likely you have multiple overlapping slurs, and you simply need to delete them all. In order to understand and assist better, we'd need you to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the probem.

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The problem doesn't depend on the score used for me, I can reliably reproduce the problem via these steps:

  1. Create a new score
  2. Place 2 adjacent notes
  3. Create a slur between them
  4. Click the first note
  5. Shift click the second note
  6. Try to deselect the slur by command-clicking - it does not work

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Oh, so you aren't talking about removing the slur, merely deselecting it? I misunderstood. It does seem Ctrl+click on Linux doesn't work to deselect sa slur, so I assume the same is indeed true of Cmd+click on macOS. I encourage you to submit an issue on GitHub. Meanwhile, the way one would normally exclude slurs (or element types) from a selection is View / Selection filter. This is also how you'd exclude a voice from a selection.

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