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• Dec 16, 2022 - 19:29

Just download version 4. It's taking some adjustment but I'm getting there. I use in the simplest way, I primarily transcribe fakebook tunes, and make minor arrangement changes and TRANSPOSE . My problem with the new Rev 5485621 is that as I enter each note it plays (which I want), BUT it also echos that note which is very annoying. Help please.


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I did uninstall, then I restarted the computer, then I installed only MuseScore 4 (without the 'app'). When I started the program, the file I created earlier still appeared in the recent file list. I created another 'new' tune, and the repeat 'echo' was still present as were some items I had customized such as 49 key keyboard. I then loaded the tune I created and played it, and the echo exists on the complete tune ...not noticeable on all notes, but on some of the '1/2' notes.

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I un-installed version 4 for the second time. This time I moved the score I had created to a new directory, then I deleted all of the version 4 directories from the 'documents' directory. (I did not go into Program Files to delete anything).

After re-installing version 4 from the previous MuseScore 4.00 installer download. I entered a test score the sound is now operating as it should. I recalled the score I had previously created and it now sounds fine also.

note: I did NOT install MuseScore 4 to the 'suggested' directory, but rather chose to create a different directory for the install "New MuseScore4".

I would suggest that the uninstall process needs to uninstall any registry files that have been created ?.

Today I decided to re-install the Muse Hub to play with the instrument sounds. After doing so, my echo problem reoccurred ! Uninstall and then reinstall with a slight variation of the program file location. All is well. Maybe Muse Hub itself is causing some conflict. Oh well, for my purposes I don't really NEED Muse Hub.

My installation did this. Indeed, at first , it was reverberating all the shorter notes on playback. After re-installing I hear some notes reverberating a during playback and every note reverberating on entry of new note.

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