MuseScore 4: NumPad not functioning

• Dec 16, 2022 - 18:17

Any word on a fix for this? I really cannot use MuseScore without the numpad. I'm going to have to stick with 3 until its working in 4.


Yeah, this is frustrating. If you press N, the number pad functions -- but only for choosing quarter notes. Hopefully this will be corrected in an update, because it takes a lot longer to enter notes if you're restricted to continually clicking on the menu bar.

The fix described in takes about 10 minutes to do (assuming you don't know your way around exporting the shortcuts xml file, adding in the num pad short cuts, then importing it back). It's totally worth doing.

Basically, you do the following:
1. Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Export
2. Specify local directory, name file, and save it in your local directory. (You might want to save a second copy as a backup, just in case.)
3. Open the xml file in a plain text editor like Notepad++
4. Search for the following strings in the file, one at a time:


You will find "key" entries like this:

Add a second "seq" entry as follows:
<seq>Num+3</seq> <===NEW ENTRY

Ignore the "TAB" entries (e.g. "pad-note-16-TAB") and and "fret" entires (e.g. "fret-6") which also contain "seq" strings for number pad keys (e.g. "<seq>3</seq>").

  1. Save the file locally
  2. Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Import (navigate to local directory where edit file is saved, and select the edited version to import).

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The other thing I can think of is that you accidentally typed a stray character (maybe even an invisible character like a tab or space) into the file somewhere, and thus the file isn't 100% valid xml. There are online xml validators that might help you find what exactly isn't valid in your file. You can google "xml validator online" (or "xml validator online reviews" or "xml validator online reddit" if you want to read opinions from people who might favor a particular one).

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That's what I was trying to avoid was a lot of coding that doesn't have to do with music composing. That's why also I abandonned the "other" free music notation software program..I want to avoid our colleagues "dead end". By the way, I love Musescore and I just started to use 3.0 when the 4.0 update came along. 3.0 was working with the Num Pad. Much appreciate if this can be fixed please in an update because it seems many users are having the same issue. I also commented on Github about this. Thank you in advance. And thank you for such a wonderful program. It really changed my life so it's appreciated!

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A lot of coding? Well, you have just have to follow this quick and easy procedure.
To be safe, close all open MuseScore windows before doing the below. Then:

  1. Download this XML file and save to your computer: musescore_shortcuts_edited.xml
  2. Now in MuseScore: menu Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts -> click the Import button
  3. Select the file you just download, hit Open to load the file, and OK to exit the Preferences dialog.
  4. Close again when you finish.

Same, the numpad is the area of the keyboard I use the most in Musescore. How had it not been tested I wonder? It's definitely a core part of the program.

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