Slurs too strong on Solo Violin

• Dec 16, 2022 - 17:54

I just got around to trying the new Muse Sounds instruments and when transcribing for Solo Violin i noticed that almost all notes seem to be slurred without a way of disabling them. This leads to some pretty harsh sounding notes in many different ways, from too distinct slurs between two far away notes to some very digitally sounding transitions between neighboring notes and frequent popping noises. Is all of this intended as is and is there a way of avoiding this, or is this a result of not yet fully finished instruments.

(I don't mean to say i dislike the new instruments as i could just use the old ones if it were the case and most of them are made for orchestral purposes in which they work remarkably well, however the Solo Instruments seem to all have some very noticeable oddities that i hope can be improved upon)

(Instrument used Violin 1 (Solo) of Muse Sounds Strings)
alt text


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