Saving scores is a bit confusing in MS4

• Dec 16, 2022 - 17:51

I am enjoying very much the new MS4, but (probably due to my ignorance) I am a bit confused as to how to save the scores.
Sometimes CTRL+S saves to the computer, sometimes it saves online, I don't understand the logic of it, it seems it remembers the last option and doesn't give me the opportunity to choose. The Help says that there is a Save to the Computer option in the File menu, but I don't see it.
The Help also says that when you click Save, you’d be prompted to choose whether to save it in the cloud or to your computer, and that this prompt can be disabled by choosing by clicking on "Don't show again" and then only the normal save to the computer will be selected. I don't see that option either.
Also, besides the options to save audio Always, Never, or Every x saves, I would like to have the option Ask Always. That would make possible to decide in each case, depending on whether the changes |I made in the score affect the playback or are just limitted to notation.


It does seem like it remembers what you chose. You can still choose to save online or locally using the dropdown from File (Alt+F on Windows). "Save", "Save as…", "Save a copy…" & "Save selection…" save to your computer. "Save to cloud…" & "Publish to…" upload online. I'm actually not sure what the difference is between those last 2 because it gives you the same pop-up to make the score public or private. Maybe publishing always makes a new score while save only makes a new 1 if it's a unique file? Not sure.

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