Weird stuff about "Muse Sounds"

• Dec 16, 2022 - 13:40

Hi! Experiencing some weird issues with the new library:

  1. flute flutter-tongue simply does not exist and sounds a-bit like Siri trying to pronounce weird words
  2. Strings high-speed scales (32nds in q=120) most of the times sounds crappy and when it makes all the notes (maybe randomness issues?) it is late to the beat.
  3. dynamics issues and changes when the articulation changes (especially in strings) example attached (violin in p but sounds like "p, pppppp, p, p") also stands for pizz and Arco.

I know maybe the randomness or dynamic changes with articulation is there for the realistic of the sounds, but when I write I want to hear it the same level. as a composer I know that pizz or detache is softer that Arco or staccato but that will be worked on with real musicians, I don't think I should mess with it while writing.

I know MS4 is just out, but what do you think?

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I've never had problems with flutter-tongue being replicated. It's worked fine for me in all versions of MuseScore 3. In MuseScore 4 it sounds even better. As for dynamics and articulation, MuseScore 4 is a huge improvement.

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