Playback cuts out audio during first measure (Musescore 4)

• Dec 15, 2022 - 23:05

Description: Musescore attempts to immediately playback audio before it has properly loaded sounds, leaving audio blank on the first measure.

Reproduction: In a large project, attempt to play from the beginning of the score, the sound should cut out at the beginning and start up around halfway through the first measure.


Indeed MS4 + Muse Sounds eats alot of CPU resources,
so, really-outdated machines better stick with MS3.

also replace SSD from mechanical hard drive may help.

May try to increase Buffer Size to 4096

Edit --> Preferences --> I/O --> Buffer Size

(close MS4 and Start again to take effect)

P.S. remember to "Disable Antivirus S/W"

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Hm...I have an Intel Core i5-6600 @3.3GHz which is an oldie but I only reach a utilization of 60% max during playback, everything is based on my SSD (as far away from my storage HDD as possible), I changed the buffer size first thing, and I have no antivirus software that'd be interfering here. I don't experience stuttering throughout playback and I doubt OP is either, it's purely during the first 1/2 a second of playback. I say this purely if I'm missing something significant here.

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It's not a problem with hardware, it's a problem with poor optimization of the software.

I'm running an AMD ryzen 3700x 8 core cpu, 3.6 ghz, 32GB DDR4 RAM 2600 mhz, and an nvme SSD that has read/write speeds of like 2 Gigabytes per second... It's not a problem with my hardware. When I see what musescore is doing when I'm messing around, it's only utilizing cpu, it won't utilize my disk at all and it barely is loading anything into RAM.

Shouldn't be nearly that resource intensive for only 14 GB of storage for the entirety of musesounds, I could literally just load that all up into my RAM :/

(I'm using buffer size set to max already as well, it's just shitty musescore optimization that's the problem and also no ASIO support so...)

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Frankly speaking, it may be true.

I own BBC Pro over 2years and purchase Eastwest Opus
some weeks ago, both installed to same PC
i5-6500, 64GB Ram, NVME SSD, Win11 22H2 (by upgrade)

They're running super smooth with any job file
almost 20 tracks on Reaper DAW.

last night install MS4 + Muse Sounds,
same PC, but overall performance.......... a little bit disappointed.

as I remember, MS3 first official release got the same situation,
very buggy and lag, after long journey bug-fix patching piece by piece, gradually better and better.

In terms of sound quality, MS4 + Muse Sounds
overkill commercial library providers, this is the fact.

Appreciate to the MS Developer Team again.

P.S. almost a decade ago, MS V1 help me finished a tiny show.

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