Unable to Open Musescore 4

• Dec 15, 2022 - 22:59

After seeing and hearing about Musescore 4's release, I decided to install it. After installing it through MuseHub, I then tried to open it, but it immediately opened and closed with no error messages or anything. I think uninstalled MuseScore and reinstalled it to get the same issue. Then I uninstalled everything (including MuseHub) and reinstalled only MuseScore, and I am still getting the issue. It just opens for a split second and instantly closes. I've disabled all antivirus software during the download process to eliminate that factor. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Thanks to this and other comments, I decided to go into my system settings (Windows) and swap my laptop's onboard speakers & microphone for the usual default, which is my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Then it worked. When I went into MuseScore's settings and tried to select the Focusrite there, it immediately crashed before I could even click OK.

The Focusrite is a pretty popular and standard interface for anyone who uses a DAW. This compatibility issue should be fixed ASAP.

Plus one here. Steelseries GG Sonar also caused my Musescore to crash without any error message, even saying "device configured successfully" in the logs.

If it helps any potential developer seeing this, Event Viewer gives this error: "Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll"

Resigning kernelbase.dll or even changing its version does nothing. Only disabling Steelseries Sonar seems to fix it.

I downloaded MuseScore 4 and used it a couple of times without a problem, but then for some reason I encountered the exact same issue you are describing where it tries to load for a moment and then closes. After reinstalling the program to no avail, I came to this forum and saw that it might be a problem with the audio output. I realized that I had unplugged my headphones from my computer earlier today. I plugged them back in and voila, it opened. To double check I closed the program and unplugged the headphones and sure enough it doesn't open again. I also tried unplugging the headphones while the program is open, and that forced it to close down. I don't know why it is a problem but clearly it is.

Same problem. The program just doesn't start at all. I have a tower pc with WIN 8.1, and no wirelesss device; just but an external soundcard (M-Audio). Pls. fix such critical bugs at least! :)

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The How-To in question isn't applicable here because the issue is that MuseScore 4 won't open at all for people having this issue. You can't change the audio settings when the program crashes during the splash screen. Also, my workaround, changing the Windows settings to use the system's on-board audio instead of my standard audio interface that I use for 100% of my audio needs (not just when I fire up a DAW), is the only thing that gets MuseScore running for me. If I go into the Preferences and select my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Musescore immediately crashes. There are no error codes visible; it just closes.

I have had the same issue with my headset. I use Sennheiser GSP 370 which uses the EPOS Gaming Suite middleware. Using other devices and the program launches fine.

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