First impressions of Musescore 4

• Dec 15, 2022 - 18:12

He is beautiful and his graphics are perfect.
I couldn't get the sound to work. I got a demo file from Musescore itself and it plays some voices and not others.
The scores made in 3 do not play with the musescore sound 4. Not being able to change the sound as it was in the 3.6 synthesizer where I chose the sound bank. I looked in the videos that are on the homepage but it doesn't say how to enable this function
Many menus and sub menus are still in English, which causes me some difficulty.
In advanced settings, many items are missing that are essential for me, such as changing the color of the mage and the color of the frames.
6 The camera icon is missing which, for me, is essential for creating methods. I couldn't find it hidden anywhere. It seems I now have to use third party apps.
the navigator is no longer at the bottom of the score, but on the right side. And there is no way to change the location. In Musescore 3.6 it was down. So I didn't waste the space for the score. On the other hand, I have to reduce the size of the score for a broader view of the score.
So, if everything I said above is still going to be implemented, I prefer to continue with 3.6 until the Brazilian Portuguese translations and functions are implemented. I'm sorry for my english. I don't speak this language and I use Google translator. I hope someone has something to say. Thanks!

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Indeed, some of the experimental settings in the advanced section either didn't make sense in the new interface or else just weren't implemented because there were no requests during the beta to have them added back. Not to late to consider for the future though, so we'll see how many requests do come in.

Regarding issues with some sounds not playing as you expect, we'd need you to attach your score in order to understand and assist. In general, all instruments should play with their usual default sounds, except of course with Muse Sounds, they'll sound infinitely better. If you were using non-standard sounds (eg, adding a flute but changing its playback to saxophone) that's not currently supported indeed. Better to change the isntrument itself, both in MuseScore 3 and definitely in MuseScore 4.

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