font on musescore 4

• Dec 15, 2022 - 16:17

Hey, first of all, i have to say that this is a huge improvement. despite of that, i have some issue. I'm trying to change the font of the dynamics and expression. it just doesn't do anything. it sure can change the size, but not more than that. The file is a piece from musescore 3 that now im working on musescore 4, so that may be an issue? anyway thanks in advance if someone will help me!


This seems to work out just the same for me. In MS4 I can use the Properties panel to select a font. But just like in MS3 this only affects additional text entered into them and not the special glyphs that make up the dynamic itself. Those just follow your musical notation font.

I have this same issue. if I want to change the font for my title it will occasionally change but then stops working. I can always change the size successfully. is this a known bug? thank you. 4.2

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