MS4 (W11) - Custom Instruments do not appear in the mixer

• Dec 15, 2022 - 14:29

I have a custom soundfont and instruments.xml file for our studio specializing in Middle Eastern percussion. I can see the soundfont as an option in the mixer, for example for the metronome, and my instruments are selectable from the instrument list, and the notes appear correctly. However the instruments don't appear in the mixer so I can apply the soundfont to them.

What does the mixer need to add these instruments? I've compared my xml to the instruments list and all appears to be in order. And these all worked fine in MS3, so I think I'm just missing something small.

Thanks for any help! MS4 looks fantastic!

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Hi! is there any chance you solved this problem? i'm having exactly the same issue here, and i can't figure out what is going wrong with.
Even if i copy an entire default instrument inside my new instrument group, changin id, still there's no track in the mixer

Same here. For our TTBB chorus, I want to create separately-mixable practice tracks for voice parts; sometimes as many as eight: Tenor1 A&B, Tenor2 A&B, Baritone A&B, Bass A&B. I can create the custom instruments and everything works fine except the mixer interface where they simply don't appear. Subscribing to this thread in case a solution or workaround gets posted. Thanks!

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