How to access Piano roll editor in Musescore 4?

• Dec 15, 2022 - 14:07

Is is possible to open up the piano roll editor window? I can't seem to find the option
I use it to fine-tune dynamics, durations and the positions of specific notes.


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Wow! I just posted a message about the fact that soundfont features and effects missing from Musescore 4. I used pianoroll features heavily in my Buxtehude pieces that I transcribed to MuseScore 3!

I cannot recommend this software, because features did not get transferred to it from the previous version, and scores don't work at all right.

Please pay cose attention to the two fugues.

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4.1 is here, no piano roll editor.

I have been advised that my "nuances and customizations" are better off if I stay with 3.6.2 and sacrifice the beautiful score engravings (which, frankly I can barely see--I do music for listening.)

I'm afraid I'm a complainer, but really, I cannot use the 4.x software, in its current condition. I've already been told I have to sacrifice the nice reverb that was in 3.6.2 if I want those beautiful engraved notes, and do extra work if I want the reverb. When working with pipe organ music, I need the reverb to work in real time, because of the nuances.

I hope all this changes. I'm not giving up Linux to use Musescore 4.

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