MS4 - exporting audio to WAV / MP3 format really slow.

• Dec 15, 2022 - 13:25

exporting all tracks to a single wav / mp3 worth to wait.

in case export a single mscz with 8-10 tracks separately, takes very long time.

Does it normal exporting with Muse Sounds ?

(Win11 platform)


Yes, mp3 export is slower now. I just switched from MS3 to MS4 and it seems that the mp3 export is just a real time playback of the score. It would be great if this could be sped up like it was in MS3.

Just another data point on this. I also have observed that exporting to mp3 is painfully slower in MS4 than it was in MS3. A 2:05 piece exported to mp3 from MS3 took16 seconds. Exporting the same piece to mp3 from MS4 took 1 min 23 seconds. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit running on quad core 2.7 GHz processor platform with 16 GB memory. MuseScore 4, version

Same issues here on Linux 22.04. I have a 12-core Intel i7 with 64GB RAM. I can record 16 tracks of live audio @48k on this computer without it flinching. I've been 10 min waiting for MS 4.1.1 to export 6 instruments for a 7-min piece, and I'm only at 65%, while MS 3.6 exported the same score as wav files in less than a minute! ???

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