Record two handed piano part in real time

• Dec 15, 2022 - 11:41


Firstly I want to start off by saying a massive thankyou to all the people who have worked countless hours to make this incredible high quality piece of software available for free!! This is quite an astonishing achievement!!

I compose and arrange a lot of piano music and I read in the manual it is only possible to record single stave parts in real time. I would love to be able to record both hands of a piano piece in real time.

Would it be possible to add this feature in an update?


Unless you can find a way to tell which hand played which note, then no this is not quite feasible. Your piano is not aware of which finger you use to press a certain note, so it can't convey that information.

If your music is sufficiently pitch separated, enter/import both hands together into a single staff, then use the "Split staff" option to set a split point.

For the foreseeable future you'll be better off playing into a sequencing program first, quantifying it there etc and then importing the result of that into MuseScore.

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Well I a, also using Presonus Notion and recording with two hands works well for basic piano parts. There is the occasional note that needs being changed to either bass or treble clef but on the whole it works pretty well.
I would prefer to have some ability to do this in MuseScore rather than none if possible.

Steinbergs Dorico has a simple and effective way to record two handed piano parts in real time and it would be wonderful to have this feature in MuseScore.

Please can we have proper real time recording in MuseScore as this would greatly improve its work flow.

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