Musescore 4 no playback on an external sound card

• Dec 15, 2022 - 08:30


I've downloaded MS4 today, and tried it with old scores and a few tests.

I have no playback on my external sound card (M-Audio Mobilepre), and it seems that the I/O options does not allow me to select it.

MS3 works fine, I just had to select the Pulse driver and the sound comes from the card used by the OS at this moment, but on MS4 the only option is "default". Is there a file where we can set up these options manually ?

The OS is Linux (Ubuntu 22.10), ans I use an AppImage

Thanks for the help


MS4 crashes always with my external sound card Creative's SoundBlasterX G6. I've been waiting for a fix since December. Anyone make any progress?

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