Writing notes and playback is glitchy

• Dec 15, 2022 - 04:32

Hello, I am writing an orchestra piece right now and it is difficult because I am using the newly updated Musescore 4.0 and after using the beta for a few weeks, I thought it coming out officially would solve my issues. But I have been using the software for this long but I am frustrated because after it fully came out I am still having to use it while it is glitchy and laggy sometimes.

An example is when I go to edit a note it will repeat the note in a "glitchy" way (sorry there is no other way to describe it). Another thing is if I am using the shortcut "R" to copy a section quickly, it takes a really long time to respond, even if it is just one note.

I have tried absolutely everything from troubleshooting my laptop to keeping the software up to date, checking my CPU to see how much it takes up, changing the I/O Audio buffer size setting to 2048 and above, and more. Does anyone have any other recommendations to help? Thank you.


I am having the same issue. Placing the note down with sound very glitchy. When I click over the notes next to it, it would repeat it's sound like a broken record player. When I play the entire score, most parts will sound glitchy and repeat itself.

This issue only happens on my laptop. My desktop works perfectly fine but I would like to edit my scores while I am away without having this issue. So I am not sure if it's my laptop that can not run Musescore 4 or something else.

Playback for me first time into MS4 is unsatisfactory - all sorts of hesitations in playback - unlistenable to. Have loaded Musescore 4 without something called Muse Sounds - should I load that separately and could that be the reason for the poor sound quality?

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