Musescore 4 - Suspended Cymbal Rolls!

• Dec 15, 2022 - 03:24

I am loving all of the new sounds, but I still really need suspended cymbal rolls! This is really the only thing that is bugging me about musescore, I absolutely love everything else. Can we get a suspended cymbal sound or at least a soundfont we can download? Thanks!!


So if I have a whole Percussion part with someone who's supposed to be covering multiple percussion instruments, can I only change the soundfont to one percussion instrument? There's no way I'm writing this entire part with just suspended cymbal as all the sounds, haha

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Well, nothing is changed about percussion aside from the new sounds, so if you wish to combine multiple instruments onto one staff, you can still do that - just set that one staff to Muse Sounds. Then you can still use invisible staves to add better sounds. And this is something already identified as an area for improvement, so hopefully in a coming update.

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