MuseScore Drumline for MuseScore 4

• Dec 14, 2022 - 21:38

I recently downloaded MuseScore 4 but noticed there is no audio for my MDL parts when opening scores created in MuseScore 3. Is MDL not supported on MuseScore 4? Very curious as I primarily arrange percussion parts for marching bands and indoor percussion ensembles.


MDL is not (yet) available for MS4.
Though I've read that you should be able to load the relevant MDL sfz's using Sforzando and it should somewhat work.

it is completely ridiculous that they wouldn't implement musescore drumline to the newest update. I don't care if sibelius is expensive, at least it works, this might be my last straw with musescore.

Don't Listen to These Knuckleheads Releasing a product before its finished just creates problems. I wasted an hour of my time trying to find something that wasn't there! I'm sure it'll be great when it's done. Soldier On bro...

well is anyone know that musescore 4 is supporting a VST instruments now? just use VDL on kontakt and load it on your musescore and it completely works

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