Change instrument for chord symbol in MU4?

• Dec 14, 2022 - 19:51

How do I change the intrument of a chord symbol? Right now it's guitar, but I want to change it to piano. In Musescore 3 it was piano by default. Is this possible yet? Haven't found anything online.


In both it is possible via the mixer.

For MS3 this means "expanding" the track of the instrument with the chords to reveal the "Harmony" channel for it.
In MS4 the additional "Chord" track is just plainly available in the mixer as well.

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In the mixer, where it lists the "Sounds" (top row) you should be able to click on the arrow dropdown of it when hovering over it to select a different sound.

Note that, just as for all other channels, if you have selected a Soundfont (such as MS Basic) it is currently not possible to select a different patch from the soundfont directly inside MuseScore. A possible workaround is to install the Sforzando or Sfizz VST3, which you can then use to select a patch from the soundfont.

Also I have same problem with Musescore 4. Maybe my Musescore 4 is faulty? Melody is Accordion. But- only selection in Mixer is this "Muse Reverb". It make nothing. "Nimi" = "Name" but it is not adjustable. No effect if click left or right mouse button. Only possible select is "Muse reverb", and "no effect".

So, instrument change is not there. It is not in Mixer. How it chord symbol instrument change?

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