Muse Hub not loading properly

• Dec 14, 2022 - 18:01

I just downloaded the Muse Hub app, and it opens, but none of the sections are loading. They all just say "Muse Hub is having trouble connecting. Please check your connection and insure any firewall you have is set correctly." and I'm not really sure what to do.
My internet is running perfectly fine, and I have no firewall installed. I allowed admin access to Muse Hub, so I'm kinda lost at this point. Thanks for the help in advance!


The MuseHub team spotted this issue after a couple of users reported it earlier today. It has since been fixed and we've been told by those same users the issue was resolved for them. Hoping the same will be true for you too!

I just got tipped off to MS 4 earlier this evening. I found a download for a standalone installer when my Muse Hub got stuck. Still stuck. I hope the image survives. This is all I've seen in the two hours or more that Muse Hub has been on my computer (Windows 10, 22H2). I'd be interested in those choral sounds.

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Same problem for me. Firewall is open. No answer to ping or HTTP POST

$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
--- ping statistics ---
61 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 62407ms

$ curl -X POST
No response

I'm having this issue on a Windows 10. I tried uninstalling it and re-installing it, but it won't let me now.

I did not have this issue on two different Windows 11 computers however... I guess that's one good thing I can say about Windows 11, LoL!

Downloaded on 12/17. Getting connection problem issue and I have nothing special in my Norton security to restrict connecitons. I have never really messed with firewall restricitons so not sure what needs to be checked. Have no other internet issues on any other programs so ot sure what is going on.

Having the same issue on Win 11. (I had been running the RC fairly smoothly.) "Trouble connecting ... Please check your internet connection firewall" etc. I have to say it's puzzling to me: Musehub does not seem to be a conventional installed program. It appears as a TSR that's only present as a taskbar icon. You can't move its window, you can't alt-tab to it. There's no X button to quit. Until you figure this out it's hard to tell if it's running. Especially annoying, it doesn't appear as a program that can be uninstalled. Puzzling as to how it will be updated. It has no folder in C:/Program Files.

A program you can't get rid of is very bad form.

I take issue with all this and don't understand why it was seen necessary to set it up this way as a TSR. Very unorthodox and not advantageous at all IMO.

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