Change time signature in one stave only

• Dec 14, 2022 - 07:45

In the Mozart Oboe Quartet last movement, for a few measures the oboe plays in cut-C and the strings play in 6/8. I'm trying to recreate these few bars, and managed to add the cut-C to the oboe part by using Conmand and drag the time sig to the relevant measure [Mac]. This worked fine. But now when I try to return to 6/8 in the oboe part, I get a message saying "Cannot change local time signature: Bar is not empty". How do I fix this, please? Thank you in advance.


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Hi - thanks for your reply. I did know how to place a local time signature, but the problem I had was that it wouldn't work; I just kept getting the message that it couldn't be done because the measure wasn't empty (it had only rests in it). But in the meantime I tried just deleting the measure altogether (at the end of the score) and appending a new one; this time it was possible to add the local time signature. But I appreciate your assistance.

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