MU4 - how to reset all

• Dec 13, 2022 - 03:37

I've tried nightly, alpha and beta versions of MuseScore 4. The release of 4.0 is near, I want to try a totally new MU4 so I want to reset all before I install the release version. How can I reach this? Simply pressing "reset" in preferences is not enough, I want to remove all the cache files, etc. Besides, doing this can't reset Muse Hub. I'm using Windows so registry should also be cleaned.
Please help me.


Beta and nightly versions run independently of each other. You'll need to uninstall. Plus use a good registry cleaner like cCleaner or Glary's. I use both. As well as delete folders.

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Thanks for your reply!
In fact, I wanted to reset it because something interesting happened. I noticed that when I used the latest MU4 installed by Muse Hub, all the notes is higher two keys than thoss shown on the score (e.g. I typed C and C4 shown on the page, then I hear D4 from my speakers). I thought that is because the old settings files were not deleted, so I removed all the files starts with MUSE (except one file belongs to Windows) and reinstalled it, but the issue still exists. I searched on GitHub and found that it seems that I'm the only person encountering this. Is this a bug in 4.0_rc?

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Assuming you aren't writing for a transposing instrument like D trumpet, then that shouldn't happen, and doesn't for me. Could be a mismatch in sample rates between 44.1 and 48 that can happen sometimes depending on your audio device and settings. The only relevant settings as far as MuseScore is concerned are the ones in Edit / Preferences / I/O. But you might need to check your system audio settings also if there is some kind of incompatibility.

FWIW, though, the normal recommended way to do a full reset is Help / Revert to Factory Settings. This does more than the reset button in preferences - it clear out the INI files and other files and folders that things you've customized. As far as I know, this doesn't touch the registry as that is a very Windows-specific thing, and unlike some applications, MuseScore doesn't use the registry itself. The only MuseScore-related settings you'd likely find in the registry would be ones placed there by the installer as opposed by MuseScore itself, to track the locations used for the install, etc. And those settings should probably be left alone or you might encounter problems on a subsequent uninstall or update.

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