Crashed again

• Dec 12, 2022 - 20:38

Chromebook/Linux MS3.6.2 i5 8gig
Usually it waits till I am several pages into the work. This time I had not even finished setting up. I had just finished 'style' headers and was just selecting page settings....Nothing.Totally locked up. Had to force stop the program to get out of MS, then shut down the computer just to be able to log back into MS. What/why is this happening....this is a semi-regular occurrence. I am going to try to send the score, but I have never done it before because of time and I really do not have the slightest idea what to do.
(only one program file[unsaved] running,as such) Her goes nothing...probably!


Sorry to hear you are having trouble! To attach your score, simply click the "Choose a file" button right below where you type your post. Then, like the button says, select the file you want to attach. That's all there is to it.

But then, we'd also want to know the steps to reproduce the problem - after we download your file and open it in MsueScor,e what specifically do we need to do in order to reproduce the crash. If you don't have steps to reproduce the problem yet, figuring those out should be your first priority.

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Thanks for responding, Marc
Sorry to say I did just what you said here. I guessed that might be how. Clicked choose file and window of my files popped up ,I highlighted the file I hopped to send and pressed save , was told my post was sent. Obviously there is something else!
As for steps to reproduce I told what I had just been doing. How many steps back? Since this is the first time this version of crash has happened, if you are just going to try and reproduce.... then as I have always implied all this is a waste of my time and efforts.
I will try and send again if you can tell me something else that I apparently am not doing, because to the best of my understanding I did just as you described!! Thanks again.

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What we'd need is the score and steps to reproduce the problem starting from when you open the score

  1. open the attached score
  2. ....

So obvious, it's best if you're able to find the minimal set of steps - cutting out the steps that don't relate to the crash at all. So, if you know the last thing you did was, say, enter a specific note into a specific measure, try opening the score and doing that right away. If that doesn't crash, then try the last two things you did, etc. It does indeed take a little patience to reproduce problems

But, if you are able to find the steps to reproduce the crash starting from that point - from simply loading the file - no time will have been wasted. You'll have done a service to yourself and to all other users, by allowing the developers to investigate and fix the problem, so in the future the crash won't occur anymore. Volunteering our time to help ourselves and other users is what we all do here - volunteering our time to develop the software, volunteering it to answer questions here, etc. it's all part of the the whole open source community ethic - we all help each other out.

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(read bottom first)
Sorry for the delay busy 30 hours
Will try again, think I saw open...double click simply selected and de-selected. If you actually get this to crash, Marc, you should run out and buy lottery tickets. I have been doing what I will try and remember for dozens of times and this is the first crash at this point. I assume you were giving me generalized info requests, if not you need to reread my post. I was not opening a file and entering notes, but still setting up the score.
You who type in your scores probably would not have the problem...remember I mouse/click entering all this.

Opened MS, start menu(an ealier problem and you recommended clearing recent files folder, this is what I do before I start a new score) close start, clear recent files, open new, entered title subtitle copyright, instruments go to all instruments voice mezzo close woodwinds alto rec.close hpsd close back down to commom woodwinds bsn (program always skus order of instruments) up/down to get V,R,H,B next window double click down to get 2/4 highlight meas #s erase 3 make 102 meas. close new, score window up select synth choose sound font (agean orch) select load from score close, mixer V. scroll to voice ohs, R. scroll to rec.H&B fine reverb to 60 for each B. vol down to 80 close Add text system Allegretto, open inspector click up font size to 12, highlight first rest choose 1/4 = 80 change to 90, scroll up to format choose style/ headers & f. scroll down to center box footer backspace delete all in bottom box up to center box back delete to $ key in (C) 2 or 3 spaces click in RLF close, scroll window up to see if copyright is there scroll back down....then moved pointer to format for page settings(do not know why I do this now as the program rarely keeps change to in/letter) Nothing totally locked. I had not even had a chance to save, yet. Since it was so soon for the crash is the only reason I posted this time.
I sure hope this will work this time. If you have any further questions will try my best to answer. Sorry for the length, but did not know where to start or stop...this is beginning to crash.

Just tried again.... window says the score can not be uploaded. Guess it 'really' is more difficult. This is it for me, Marc, as I said it is a waste of my time and efforts. Thanks for the info, it helps me understand some more.
Happy Holidays!!!

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Sorry to hear you are still having trouble! It's definitely not a waste of your time to help yourself and other users- just as I don't feel I am wasting my time trying to help you and other users either. Anyhow, when you're ready to receive help, we remain ready to give it. What we'd need is a copy of the score from just before the crash and them steps from that point to the crash, not a complete list of every step you did form the moment you created. Otherwise it's far too difficult to figure out how to follow your steps. So, when you're ready to help us help you, let us know!

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The only reason I have tried this 'is' to help, if possible. But, as I said file attachment popped up a window saying file could not be uploaded. If the system will not accept its own file format I sure do not know how to proceed. I assumed that since a request for the score is always made there was some sort of inbedded code that could give some incite into the problem(s). Since you are just trying to replicate the issue that occurred this time, but not dozens of times before, for me that is a waste of time. I know I will no longer bother you all with these types of issues.
I know you realize the program should not crash(at all) ,yet it least for me. It is not all the time, but has become a semi-regular occurrence. There are many other strange issues. The latest is I click in a note the note sounds, but the program does not enter the note. No, it does not happen every note but is becoming annoying. And no, there is nothing different in entering the previous note and this one which also sounds when clicked yet does not get entered in the score.
Now that I further understand what you are chasing I will just put up with the issues and continue to yell at the program. But Marc, none of this stuff should be happening. That was my concern. The crash happened while I was still setting up the new score not 20 meas in or 20 pages in. So, since the system will not let me upload the score, for Me, it has been a waste of time and effort. I appreciate all the efforts you do and info you have given. It has always helped me further understand what is going on. Unless I have a 'how to' question I shall only report an issue if it happens everytime a step is taken.
Thanks again Marc for your efforts. Sorry this has not worked out. I was hoping to find out why. I just instead found out why not!

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This forum does accept MuseScore files - dozens are attached here every day by other users, and I’ve attached literally thousands over the years (most from my Chromebooks). It’s not clear what you might be doing wrong which is why I suggested finding someone near you who is a little more computer-savvy to assist. Again, we’d love to be able to help.

So I recommend, whatever time you might have otherwise spend typing a reply to this, instead, spend that same time finding someone to help you attach your score :-)

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NOT FOUND: Mezzo,A.Rec,Hpsd&Bsn...'Come_Thou_Long.mscz it is. I needed to add the file extension. I do not know why it was not on, must be something to do with when the crash occurred! You ask for the file before the crash which you must know is impossible 'if' you read my 1st post completely. As an update....I finished the work that started this and have gone on to one of its compatriots and the set up process went fine as it usually does. You have what I did up to the crash. You can start anywhere in the list. Sorry, Marc, I still feel this is a waste of 'your' time, now. :-)
Sorry it took me so long to guess what needed to be done to actually upload the file.(at least I hope so, it shows something) Thanks for all the help and info....I 'did' all this hoping it might help, but afraid it really will not. NOT FOUND: Mezzo,A.Rec,Hpsd&Bsn...'Come_Thou_Long.mscz

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Unfortunately it does not appear you attached a file at all. I'm not sure what you pressed, but I suspect it wans't the "Choose a file" button right below where you type your comment. if you press that and select your score - which should already end in ".mscz" - it works perfectly. Either you pressed some other button entirely, or what you attempted to attach was not in fact your score at all (which would explain why it had no ".mscz" extension I guess).

Anyhow,. if you are able to attach a file and give precise steps to follow from the point where I load the file - a short list of easily-followable steps that you have verified will crash reliably - then it won't be wasting my time at all, and if it allows us to fix the crash, it absolutely won't be wasting your time either.

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Then unfortunately there does not seem to be an uploadable file there. Even I would have to be very stupid to not know how to select 'choose a file. Since it brings up a window of my MS3 files I know that works. I went to title and date/time stamp to know which file to select. When I finally looked farther I noticed file extensions were what had been mentioned as to why could not upload and my file I was choosing did not have. I just added .mcsz hopping. When I sent again on my end something was showing up in my reply. When I sent I saw not found, I pushed again and I saw found, so I was hopping. Guess not. I can only guess the file has something to do with my saving after the restart, after the crash.
Anyway you just do not seem to be reading my posts completely. I have said several times there is no point where I am loading the file because I was still setting up the file when crash happened. Not saved, No file. Only after the restart was there a file. And Marc, you told me long ago to 'save' first thing after a crash(which I was doing), so how do you even have a file before the crash to send? None of the crashes/problems I regularly have with the program provide a verified pre-event list that will crash/whatever any time I do them. It crashes when it chooses, it skips entering a note when it chooses, it doubles and triples entering on a single stem(without my finger on the mouse button) whenever it chooses and etc. But, it is still a program I will use. I yell at it but continue using it.
As I said before I will only ask for 'how to' help and not post for the other problems unless they truly are verifiable! Thanks for your help!!

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If you can open it in MsueScore, the file is definitely there. You just need help finding and uploading it for some reason. Again, I suggest enlisting someone a friend who is more computer-savvy to help you upload the file, so then we can help here. Again, I urge you to take whatever time you might otherwise have spent responding here, and instead spend that time finding someone to help you upload your score. Then we can finally begin helping.

And yes, I have read your posts where you say that in one particular case, a crash happened before you had the opportunity to save the score. So, simply repeat those steps, and this time, save the score right before the last step where it crashes. Then you can simply upload the score and tell us what that final step to reproduce the crash is.

If you don't have a score and a simple series of steps that will reproduce the problem, though, there is indeed no point in responding further here. Whatever time you might have spent responding here, is far better spent figuring out how to reproduce the problem. Otherwise it is indeed wasting time.

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