Chords over triplets disappear when time signature is changed

• Dec 9, 2022 - 21:39

Pretty sure this is a bug, but it seems the issue tracker wants me to post it here first.

In the attached file, drag 4/4 time signature over the existing 2/4 time signature and the Cm chords over the triplets disappear

Thanks !

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Time Sig Change Bug.mscz 11.47 KB


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You only see that button if you try choosing a non-standard type. Just click the "Get started" button next to "Development issue".

It's true that going forward, they are going to want people to pst here or the forum first to get confirmation a bug is reproducible and actually a bug before reporting on GitHub, to keep the latter from being cluttered with useless issues. But, you've already done that here. Just follow the format suggested there, and be aware that in order to attach a score on GitHub, you need to either ZIP it first, or just change the filename to end in ".zip". Just say which you are doing.

Apparently this is fixed in v4.1. In the meantime, or if you're stuck in v3.6.2, a workaround is to copy and paste into staves with the desired time signature

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