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• Dec 9, 2022 - 10:25


one can write up to 4 different voices in 1 system. So far so good.

Is it possible to give each voice a different color without changing every single not and/or without a plugin?

E.g. the different voices are displayed during the input with certain colors already (1st = blue, 2nd = green, 3rd = brown, 4th = magenta). I'd like to have that always and even at the exportet sheets. In my case I'd like to have the 2nd voice in grey.

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Ahh. gotcha. So there are several log files in the Logs folder; not sure which is the one I want...

After resetting, I copied both files (color black and color voices) into the \documents\musescore\plugins folder.
Color notes in black shows up and color voices does not.

Is there a particular log file that will point to the problem?

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Hmm, works for me, so please attach the latest log file

Edit: no it doesn't...

Error in the logs:

2024-05-22T18:50:35.792 | ERROR | main_thread | PluginView::load | Failed to load QML plugin from QVariant(QUrl, QUrl("file:///C:/Users/Jojo/Documents/MuseScore4/Plugins/ColorVoices.qml"))
2024-05-22T18:50:35.792 | ERROR | main_thread | PluginView::load | "file:///C:/Users/Jojo/Documents/MuseScore4/Plugins/ColorVoices.qml:149:45: Expected token `;'"

You need to give MuseScore some kind of command or instruction to tell it to color these things. Which indeed is either done via Inspector or a plugin, such as the one linked above.

There is no magic "and do what I think" mode where it automatically can guess you wish to color things differently.

You can also do this manually.
Use the selection filter to select only voice two, for example, select all bars and choose the color. Do it similarly with other voices.

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