Opening MuseScore opens a strange website

• Dec 8, 2022 - 22:54

This has never happened before to me, when I open Musescore, my web browser (Safari) opens a website called: "", which never loads. I do not know wether if my application has been hacked with virus or sorts like that. Does anyone knows how to stop or get rid of it?


Definitely a virus. Quick Google search on yandex reveals that it's a virus and it's a Russian search engine. You've got the former. Previous poster was dead-on: get yourself a couple of good malware scanners/cleaners. Or else take it to your local "Computers 'R' Us" type store for assistance.


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As mentioned, not a virus at all. Yandex is roughly similar to google, provides search facilities but also metrics / analytics. Lots of companies use it, just like lots use Google. MuseScore accesses the web as part of the start center (to show online scores and other resources) and Yandex provides analytics on that. nothing to worry about.

For some reason, on some systems the OS intercepts this weblink which is part of the start center web page contents and uses your native browser to open it instead of allowing the MuseScore Start Center to keep it.

As mentioned by Marc, this is part of the analytics service in the normal web page loaded into the start center.

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