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• Dec 8, 2022 - 06:51

I can't seem to post this in the Development and Technology forum. Perhaps you have to be a developer?

Anyway, I sure wish there were scroll bars. I just imported a midi file that is hundreds of bars long and I only want to find a small part of that. With a scroll bar I could quickly pull it to 1/3 of the way through or wherever and find what I want. Instead, I have to drag screen by screen. It will take many minutes.

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There are scrollbars in the upcoming MS4.

Meanwhile though, using drag to move pages is The (yes, with a capital ;-) ) Slowest way possible to move around in a score for more than very minor moves.
There is, as mentioned above, the Navigator, which has a scrollbar and a miniature render of the score. Using it on large scores might impact performance though, as MuseScore has to render your score an additional time for it.
Then there is the Timeline(F12), which also features a scrollbar and even some selection facilities.
If you know where to go, then there is the Find/Go To option (Ctrl/Cmd+F) where you can immediately jump to a given measure, page or rehearsal mark.

And of course, for normal and smaller movements, the scroll wheel (or often double finger swipe on touchpads) works as well. Scroll goes up and down, Shift+scroll goes sideways.
And then there are the PgUp/PgDown buttons and some other keyboard navigation shortcuts as well.
See for a more complete reference.

And rejoice when MS4 is released and adds scrollbars to the scoreview directly as well.

EDIT: There should be no special restrictions on posting in Dev & Tech-preview.

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Thank you for this. I didn't know about the Navigator.
I'm looking forward to v.4, but I hope they don't ruin anything as so many OS and app upgrades do. This is by far the best notation program I've used and the more I discover, the more I am impressed with its efficiency.

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The Navigator is indeed occasionally useful, but if you've been laboriously dragging pages around one screenful at a time, the real game changes is dealing that your ordinary scroll wheel or equivalent touch gesture like two-finger swipe allows you to scroll in MuseScore just as easily as this method works in any other program. The other methods mentioned above are great too of course. You should practically never need to resort to dragging a page in MuseScore.

The improvements to the engraving and the playback in MuseScore 4 are nothing short of mind-blowing.

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