Cannot use app, your app force me to purchase subscription again which I already purchased.

• Dec 8, 2022 - 04:32
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I have subscription already and cancelled it but still have at list 250+ days to go.
I was only using web interface, and trying to use App in iPAD today.
And when I open App, it wants me to subscribe again before log in.
It is a poor design, please let me know how can I use the App.


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Hi Jojo,

So... the following topic you just shared, what has it to do with cannot using app even the current account is valid?
"What is the difference between and"

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The app is a product provided by the folks over on a different website, For issues with products provided by the people on that other website, you'd need to contact them directly. There is nothing anyone here can do about issues with products produced by someone else. And that is why this is issue is closed - it doesn't relate to the products supported here at all. This site is for MuseScore, the free and open source notation program. Not for apps provided by the folks over on the commercial score-sharing website And that's why the article tries to explain these are different sites.

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Hi Marc,

It seems MuseScore: sheet music shares the same trademark as (Please see the attachment.)
Are you saying you two are different company?
And when I go to and click "contact us", it guided me to again.
Do you know the contact method to MuseScore: Sheet Music app?

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That is the mobile app provided by the folks who run the commercial website Those of us who volunteer our time here to support the free and open source music notation software don’t work for that company and have no connection whatsoever to that website or the mobile apps they produce. For help with that website or the products they provide, you meeed to contact them. We volunteers here have absolutely knowledge of how that site or their apps work - we really only know about the working of MuseScore itself - the free and open source music notation program.