Chord identifier

• Dec 8, 2022 - 01:43

Hi. Please help. I downloaded both plugs that are supposed to identify chords but it totally doesn't work. Neither of them. I have windows 10. Others work. Did everything! When I click on ok, nothing happens exept a few notes budge. No chords. I've seen a video of a guy doing. I did the same bloody thing. What gives? I'd really appreciate any ideas.


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You mean, you want to come up with your own chords for a melody? That's as much a part of the job of the composer as coming up with the notes. Just as it the case in coming up with the notes, you would normally use some combination of your ear and your knowledge of theory to help you come up with chords.

I suppose someone could try to implement some sort of AI in a plugin to come up with chords to fit a melody just as one could come up with AI to come up with melodies. But I don't think anything like that currently exists for MuseScore.

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My Accordion teacher can listen to a song, like for flute or anything, and in 2mins find the chords. He just says, Gm to F to Gm to Eb. I guess only the human brain can eventually do that. He said just learn the chords. some single pieces on here have them already. Like the song Whisky Before Breakfast.

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