Small design issues currently preventing me from using musecore 4 instead of 3

• Dec 7, 2022 - 18:10

Hey, hope this is the right place to voice my problems, I've been running into a couple issues that make using Musescore 4 basically impossible for me.

  1. When using the Add Interval shortcut (alt + "number of the interval") the note added doesn't play back like it does when placing the note normally (or like it does in musescore 3) , meaning when trying to create chords there is no audible feedback to hear if the notes you placed are correct or fit.

2.there is no easy way to switch between not input mode and just regular cursor mode, for example you input a melody, now you want to copy that melody to repeat it, or start the playback right before that point to listen to the melody you just input, maybe im missing something but there seems to be no shortcut or quick way to switch out of note input mode. What you have to do is go to the top left corner of the screen and click the little pencil, every, single, time, you want to do something. While quite hacky in musescore 3 you could just press space quickly 2 times which through starting play back reverted automatically to a regular cursor, and to start note input again you just input the notes using the letters on the keyboard. I think you should just be able to toggle between them with the press of ~ or tab.

I get that these are petty complaints but they make using it a slog compared to 3, hope they can be patched soon. Oh and please tell me if I'm just being dumb and not knowing the solutions to these. it'd be quite nice to use the new shiny musescore lol.


N and Esc should still both be working to take you out of note input mode, just as they do in MS3.

For your bug report, please turn it into an actual issue (preferably on github, otherwise in the tracker of this site) so it doesn't get lost.

As it happens, I just reported the Alt+nuber issue earlier today, so no need to create another issue report. So hopefully this gets fixed. meanwhile, though, if audible feedback is important, simply use Shift+letter instead of Alt+number to create chords.

For note input mode, as mentioned, there is no change here - N toggle between the modes, and Esc also will exit any mode and return to normal. I have no idea what you mean about pressing Space. If there was a bug where in depending on how fast you pressed it, you'd get kicked out of note input mode, apparently that has been fixed, but that was never meant to be the way to exit note input mode.

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