More intuitive key signatures

• Dec 7, 2022 - 01:59

I wish the create a key signature function was a bit more intuitive (You have to drag and drop notes, the notes only work for one type of clef, you can't really modulate into or out of them without putting in a lot of work)

Like it seems like the groundwork exists for it to be great, but it's current version is such a hassle to work with that it's easier to just manually add accidentally (even thought that becomes tedious when you have to do it for every instance of a note).

In my particular cases, I use Db a lot and tonicizing Db natural minor leads to a key signature with a persistent Bbb. While I could technically use c# minor instead, it defeats the purpose of me wanting to tonicize Db and explore all of its colors.


Can you explain what you mean in more detail? You don't have to drag anything to add a key signature to your score - just click a measure then click the desired key signature. And they work for all clefs.

Unless maybe you are specifically referring to custom key signatures? They have some limitations indeed, but are improved in MuseScore 4. i encourage you to try the current builds (see announcements forum for links).

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This may sound weird but a lot of it, first and foremost, has to do with using sharps versus flats, in general.

Beyond that it goes into music theory and intonation reasons, and experimenting with systems of tones where enharmonics are not necessarily exactly the same.

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